Social Activities

Be invited to social activities when you sign up for any of our Tango services!
Alternatively, you can also receive invitations to Tango’s social activities at just $20 per year.

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*Activity fees apply

Make new friends

Maintaining an active social life helps to prevent depression, Alzheimer’s, and other types
of dementia. Thankfully, meeting like-minded folks and staying socially active is easy with
the activities that we have lined up for you. All you have to do is RSVP! 

Sign up for day-trips and excursions with us.

Workshops and Talks
Get insights on how you can stay healthy, plan your finances, improve on digital literacy,
and other relevant topics with your fellow friends. You can also take part in craft, photography, or culinary workshops!

Interest Group Gathering
Take part in craft, culinary, language, or music interest groups!