Companion Care and Personal Care

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From companionship and personal grooming to physical and mental exercises, we are here to support.

Helper away?

Need time-off from caregiving?

Need help in caring for your elderly loved ones who had a fall, fracture, or stroke?

Need help in caring for your loved ones with dementia?

Want your elderly loved ones to remain active?

Our Packages

Our home care services are available 7 days a week (including Public Holidays), from 8am to 6pm.

Companion Care

Companion care focuses on providing seniors with emotional and social support, while also offering assistance in everyday activities.

  • Recreational Activities: Simple games and activities, strolls around the neighbourhood, and reading
  • Escort: Accompaniment and transport arrangement* for meals, day trips, social gatherings, and medical appointments
  • Meal Preparation: Light cooking or delivery of food
  • Errands: Grocery shopping for or with client
  • Exercise: Encourage seniors to exercise, and provide assistance in light physical activities
  • Medication Reminders: Ensure that medication is taken on a timely basis

*Excludes transport costs.

Who is this for?

Companion care is suitable for seniors who are able to, or require minimal assistance to move around, and would like to remain independent at home with some assistance in everyday activities.

What are the charges?

(per 2-hour visit)

Personal Care

On top of the items covered under companion care, the additional scope of personal care includes:

  • Bathing and Toileting
  • Changing of diapers
  • Lifting and Transferring

*If 2 persons are needed to lift and transfer the senior, a caregiver will need to be there to assist. 

Who is this for?

Personal care is suitable for seniors who have difficulties moving around, and require a higher degree of assistance in their everyday activities.

What are the charges?

(per 2-hour visit)

These packages come with value-added hotline support and organised social activities.

Why Choose Us

Dedicated and experienced team of professionals

Your safety and comfort are our top priorities. We have a large pool of healthcare professionals, who have undergone rigorous trainings and assessments to provide you with the best care possible.

Low upfront commitment

With packages starting from just 8 hours, you do not have to make big commitments to get great prices.

Trusted provider of home care services

Our home care services are offered by NTUC Health’s Care at Home. It has an excellent track record of providing home care services since 2007, and has clinched multiple awards as an assurance to the quality and consistency of its services.

Affordable and accessible home care services

With our services available 7 days a week at competitive rates, be rest assured that we are always here to support you.

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