Gym Tonic

Gym Tonic is a specialized strength training programme which has been scientifically proven to improve the functional abilities of seniors.

Why You Should Join Gym Tonic

Want to stay fit?

Want to regain your mobility after a fall?

Our Packages

Gym Tonic involves a prescribed set of routine exercises using our elder-friendly gym machines, which are safer and gentler on the elderly’s muscles and joints.

You will first undergo a 1-on-1 consultation with our therapist who will assess your overall strength condition before prescribing you with a customized training regimen. Each of the subsequent training sessions will also be led by trained professionals.

Trainings will be conducted at a gym facility next to our Day Rehabilitation and Wellness Centre. It is located at Braddell Heights Community Hub, 264 Serangoon Central #01-207 Singapore 550264.

Gym Tonic (Full Programme)

24 training sessions over 3 months led by therapist-trained professionals,
inclusive of 2 consultations and assessments by a therapist


Gym Tonic (1 Month Sampler)

4 sessions over 1 month led by therapist-trained professionals,
inclusive of 1 consultation and assessment by a therapist


These packages come with  value-added hotline support and organised social activities.

Why Choose Us

Trained and Knowledgeable Professionals

Our therapists and therapist-led trainers have undergone rigorous trainings to ensure that you receive proper guidance and care.


Using a scientifically-proven methodology, we are committed to delivering results. Our team of professionals tracks your progress conscientiously for evidence-based analysis and further recommendations.

Personalised and targeted

No two elderly have the same needs. Through a 1-on-1 consultation with our therapist to assess your overall strength condition, we deliver programmes that are specially tailored to your needs.

Ongoing research and development 

Driven by our commitment to provide you with the best care possible, we are always looking for ways to enhance our programmes and practices through continuous research and development.

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