Circuit Training

Circuit training is a total-body conditioning exercise routine comprising a number of exercise stations carried out in a sequence within a fixed period time, with short rest periods in between.

What makes our Circuit training different? At Tango, on top of cardio and bodyweight exercises (i.e squats and lunges), we also incorporate the use of our senior-friendly pneumatic gym machines that can monitor your progress over time, and are gentle on your muscles and joints too!

Why You Should Join Circuit Training

Want to stay fit in a guided environment?

Looking for some variety in your workout?

Our Packages

Our trainers will devise a circuit routine consisting of 8 to 12 exercise stations at appropriate intensities that will be sure to work your whole body!

Our circuit routine includes all four main components of a good workout:

  • The cardio and bodyweight exercises focus on building your flexibility, balance, and cardio fitness
  • The specialised gym machines focus on strengthening your muscles

We offer circuit training classes at the following location:

NTUC Health Active Ageing Hub (Bukit Batok): Blk 439 Bukit Batok West Ave 8, #02-01, Singapore 650439 (Click here for directions)

  • Every Tuesday and Friday

NTUC Health Active Ageing Hub (Kampung Admiralty): 676 Woodlands Drive 71 #06-01 Singapore 730676 

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday (Select 2 days a week)

NTUC Health Day Centre for Seniors (Heartbeat@Bedok): 11 Bedok North Street 1 #02-02 Singapore 469662

  • Every Monday and Thursday


4 weekly training sessions over 1 month
(A pre-class 1 on 1 assessment will be conducted for first-timers)


Full Programme

24 twice-weekly training sessions over 3 months
(A pre-class 1 on 1 assessment will be conducted for first-timers)


  • Heartbeat@Bedok Opening Special: Enjoy $40 off total package cost for all sign-ups at this location
  • NTUC Union Members: Enjoy $40 off total package cost! (Terms and conditions apply. Click here to find out more.)
  • Public: Sign up with a friend or family member and enjoy a special rate of $320 per person (For first-time sign ups only)

For enquiries, please call us at 9028 2440 (Bukit Batok) / 9028 2474 (Heartbeat@Bedok) / 9004 7681 (Kampung Admiralty) from Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm.
Please note that registration at our counter is strictly by appointment only.

Register for Circuit Training (Bukit Batok)
Register for Circuit Training (Heartbeat@Bedok)
Register for Circuit Training (Kampung Admiralty)

These packages come with value-added hotline support and organised social activities.

Why Choose Us

Trained and Knowledgeable Professionals

Our trainers have undergone rigorous training to ensure that you receive proper guidance and care.


Our trainers track your progress conscientiously for evidence-based analysis and further recommendations on your exercise plan.

Personalized and targeted

No two elderly have the same needs. With a 1-on-1 assessment to assess your overall strength condition, we are able to deliver programmes that are specially tailored to your needs.

Ongoing research and development
Driven by our commitment to provide you with the best care possible, we are always looking for ways to enhance our programs and practices through continuous research and development.