Past Social Activities

October 2019

Japanese Pastel Nagomi Art Workshop

Members picked up a new painting technique at the Japanese Pastel Nagomi Art workshop. Using their fingers and soft pastel chalks, our members created beautiful pieces of artworks that they were proud to bring home with them!

September 2019

Decoupage Art Workshop & Talk on Managing Aches and Pains

Members tried their hand at Decoupage Art where they had much fun decorating tote bags with paper cutouts! They also learnt how to better manage their aches and pains at a talk by NTUC Health’s Rehabilitation and Wellness team.

August 2019

Get Active with Zumba & Day Trip to the Hydroponics Farm

Members gathered together for a Zumba workout organised by ActiveSG and had lots of fun dancing to the beat of the music. They also had a great time exploring the Oh Chin Huat Hydroponics farm, where they took a guided tour around the farm and learnt how to grow plants with recycled materials!

July 2019

Travel Talk: Customised Tour Packages for Seniors

Chairman of the Silver Horizon Travel Co-op, Dr William Goh, shared his personal travel stories and experiences with organising overseas trips.

June 2019

Crime Prevention Talk: Protect Yourself from Scams

Members attended a talk by the National Crime Prevention Council, where the speaker shared how individuals can identify and protect themselves from scams.

May 2019

Coney Island Discovery

On a sunny Friday morning, Members took a day trip to Coney Island and enjoyed the fresh air and lush greenery. They also took the opportunity to practise their photography skills with their smartphones.

April 2019

Basic Photo-editing Workshop

As a continuation to the smartphone photography in February, members attended a 2-hour photo-editing workshop by Kenneth Ng, where they learnt how to edit and beautify their photos using built-in camera functions and third party apps.

March 2019

Visit to Enabling Village

Members took a tour around Enabling Village, and attended a talk on ‘Everything you need to know about Stroke’ by Stroke Support Station.

February 2019

Smartphone Photography Workshop

Members attended a smartphone photography workshop conducted by photography enthusiast, Mr Kenneth Ng. They learnt a host of photography techniques, such as applying the rule-of-thirds, using the high dynamic range (HDR) function, and adjusting of focus and exposure.

January 2019

Paper Flower Craft Workshop

With Lunar New Year just around the corner, members worked on festive decorations out of crepe papers!

December 2018

A Natural Approach to Lower Blood Pressure

Under the guidance of a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, our members learnt how to locate acupressure points that would help in lowering blood pressure.

November 2018

Visit to NTUC Health Active Ageing Hub (Kampung Admiralty)

Members were brought on a tour around NTUC Health Active Ageing Hub in Kampung Admiralty. They also participated in a lantern-making session at the hub and sat down for tea to get to know one another!